Victims to Victory responds to the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of those experiencing the traumatic impact of violent crime. V2V is partners with other victim assistance programs, churches and governmental agencies to assist under-resourced families coping with crime-related crisis.

When homicide happens to a family’s grief is complicated by violent circumstances, financial losses, criminal justice processes and, at times, spiritual crisis. Victims to Victory offers a program of practical, emotional and spiritual support to compassionately and confidentially address the needs of  homicide survivor families and friends.

Victims to Victory also provides services to victims of domestic violence, aggravated assault and robbery, and other violent crimes. Collaboration with law enforcement, criminal justice professionals and victim service agencies is central to program operations. Educating and equipping the faith community is essential to the mission of helping victims of crime move from crisis to comfort through Christ.

If we allow our own discomfort to shut out crime victims’ pain and need, we may actually compound their victimization by pushing them into isolation and damaging coping patterns – such as drugs, alcohol, or eating disorders.

Dr. Katherine Lawson

Founder of Victims to Victory